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Article VII (Secretary-Treasurer)

The Secretary-Treasurer may be one and the same person and shall be elected by the Association and shall house the official headquarters of the Association. The Secretary-Treasurer shall be ratified by the Executive Committee annually.

The Secretary-Treasurer shall keep accurate minutes of official business at all annual and special meetings of the Association and of all meetings of the Executive Committee and perform such other duties as may from time to time be designated.

The Secretary-Treasurer shall maintain a record of all income and expenses of the Association and shall have authority to pay expenses of postage, copying, printing, and telephone on the basis of actual cost.

The Secretary-Treasurer shall prepare a financial report and budget to be presented to the Executive Committee and the annual meeting of the Association. The budget shall be presented to the membership for final approval.

Association business expenses in excess of $100 shall be paid by the Secretary-Treasurer upon approval of the Executive Committee.

All travel expenses will be paid by the Association for the Secretary-Treasurer to attend any meeting on the behalf of the Association.

Article VIII (Term of Office)

The terms of all elective officers and committee members shall begin following the annual meeting and expire when a successor is selected.

Article IX (Amendments)

The By-Laws may be amended by two-thirds affirmative vote of the official members present at any annual meeting.

Article X (Directors)

Standing committees of the Association shall be appointed by the President and shall consist of:

  1. Nominating Committee

  2. Audit Committee

  3. Resolutions Committee

  4. Conference Site Selection Committee

  5. Investigators Committee

  6. Brand Recorders Committee

  7. Brand Inspectors Committee

  8. Board Members Committee

  9. Identification Committee

  10. Outreach Committee

  11. Other committees the President may from time to time determine necessary

Amendment 1 Dissolution

Upon dissolution of the association the remaining assets belonging to the association, after all outstanding debts and warrants have been paid in full, shall be distributed to another non-profit organization of a similar purpose and goal to that of International Livestock Identification Association, to be decided by majority vote of Board of Directors.

Revised (09/19/2013)

Shorty Zilverberg, President
Tammy Bridges, Secretary/Treasurer

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